Wirtschaftsförderung Niedersachsen

Funding and subsidies for private enterprise in Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen offers diverse funding and subsidy programmes, expecially for SMEs. The State's investment and business promotion bank, NBank, will be pleased to advise you.

Five possible ways to funding - an overview

  • Subsidy
    Financial support to companies, for example for innovative projects or investment in structurally weak regions, to improve competitiveness and adaptivity, and also create and secure long-term jobs.
  • Loans
    to facilitate long-term investment, innovative developments or to ease working capital finance are granted at preferential and risk-related interest rates and conditions.
  • Security on loan
    Niedersachsen's surety bank NBB stands security for a loan when this is otherwise not available. Loans can be secured up to 80% of their indemnity by NBB.
  • Investment participation
    to bridge capital shortages and make it possible to exploit opportunities for growth to the full.
  • Consultation fee support
    Project consultation can also be funded, for instance advice on entering international markets.

These projects are eligible:

  • Founding or taking over a company

    You want to found, take over, or take a stake in a company? We can further your financial plans.

  • Research and innovation

    Innovative products, procedures, processes in your company? We support your ambitions.

  • Energy and resource efficiency

    We support your company's energy- and resource saving initiatives.

  • Investment and growth

    You want to invest in expanding your company - you're looking for growth finance? We can help!

  • Upskilling and further training

    You're investing in the training and qualifications of your employees – we support your intentions.

  • Going international

    You're looking to enter international markets - we support your ambitions.

  • Information about funding programmes

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Further financial possibilities for more security

  • Sureties

    When you need extra loan security to turn your business vision into reality.

    NBB website
  • investment participation

    When you want to seize growth opportunities or bridge capital shortages, call the SME investment association (MBG).

    MBG website

The institutions behind your financial support

As Niedersachsen's investment and business promotion bank, NBank supports and furthers the State Goverment's structural and economic policy aims, with responsibility for business, employments, housing and infrastructure funding.


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