Gründung in Niedersachsen

Starting your business in Niedersachsen

Here's where start-up enterpreneurs find all sorts of opportunities to put business ideas into successful practice.

Five steps to your own company

  • Business idea
    An original, practicable business idea is the root of any entrepreneurial success: looking beyond the common, conventional company image. Consider who would buy your products or services and assess whether there would be a market for them. Take only calculated risks!
  • Seek advice
    Get informed, plan the first steps, seek advice – talk to chambers of commerce and industry, business promotion agencies and sector specialists about your idea. Despite the initial euphoria, avoid snap decisions – long-term start-up concepts are demonstrably more successful.
  • Business plan
    Sell your idea to funders, partners and staff with a well structured and well argued concept. A strong business plan will be essential, at the latest when you take the first steps to founding the company and talking to advisers and bankers.
  • Finance basics
    If your own capital isn't enough you'll have to seek loans or other third-party funding. Check all the possible sources: bank loans, private loans or shareholder investment, perhaps complemented by public funding programmes.
  • Taxation tips
    Follow important advice for start-up entrepreneurs: the taxation office will check which declarations will have to be submitted. Data on estimated profits and further income are required.

You're looking for advice on your start-up idea?

The map shows advice points for start-up entrepreneurs in your area.

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Funding measures for start-up entrepreneurs

  • MikroSTARTer Niedersachsen
    This Niedersachsen funding programme supports start-ups and takeovers, especially of the smallest enterprises.
  • NSeed
    NSeed venture capital helps your start-up manage financial bottlenecks at the foundation stage.
  • Gründerkredit
    Craft trade SMEs, start-up entrepreneurs and freelancers in Niedersachsen benefit from this funding programme.
  • Participation investment
    If your SME is short of investment capital and/or wants to seize a growth opportunity and exploit it to the full for future prosperity.
  • Loan surety
    Your solid loan security partner, NBB, makes it possible for promising entrepreneurial ideas from Niedersachsen SMEs to raise the necessary start-up or expansion capital.
  • Start your business with the KFW's help
    You want to found or take over a company? The KFW will support you from the start, with important tips and information, and the right funding programme.
  • Federal Economic Affairs Ministry start-up portal
    In the portal of the German Federal ministry for Economic Affairs you will also find a learning programme for start-up entrepreneurs.
  • Successor mentoring
    The State Government supports successor mentors at the chambers of craft trades, industry and commerce. Five advisers are available to inform and advise SMEs and craft businesses on transferring an existing company to new ownership and management.

Success story

The crucial thing is not to let anyone stop you. Just go for it. Even so, when you start out it's always good to get enough feedback to see the risks and opportunities for yourself.

Sandro Engel, Urban Invention
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The successful coworking and maker space "Hafven" offers workplaces, workshops, meeting rooms and a café for founders and creatives in Hannover to put their business ideas into successful practice:

Coworking and maker space "Hafven"

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Start-up friendly Niedersachsen

Base your start-up or takeover on solid foundations.


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You're interested in funding and subsidies?

Niedersachsen offers diverse funding and subsidy programmes, especially for SMEs. NBank, the State investment and business promotion bank, will be happy to advise you.

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