Netzwerke in Niedersachsen

Strong Networks in Niedersachsen

Leading international trade fairs and established sector- and theme-based networks: ideal environments for finding new business with partners in Germany and all over the world.

Communications hub for the best contacts

Hannover is an eminent well-established location for leading international trade fairs on major themes and specialist areas; Niedersachsen's state capital offers companies from all over the world the perfect platform for exhibitors or visitors. Hannover's trade fair calendar is full of opportunities to make new contacts, extend networks and initiate new enterprises.

Upcoming fairs

    01. - 05.4.2019

    The world's largest industrial and technical trade fair, held every year at Hannover Exhibition Grounds.

    21. - 23.5.2019

    The specialist European trade fair for innovative laboratory equipment and optimising workflows, with the BIOTECHNICA life sciences event.

    10. - 16.11.2019

    The world's largest specialist trade fair for agricultural technology – every two years it presents the latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions and concepts for the future of farming.


Networks in your sector

  • Niedersachsen Aviation
    Niedersachsen Aviation's vision is to make the State one of the leading European aerospace locations.
  • Logistikportal Niedersachsen e.V.

    Aim: to build on Niedersachsen's excellent reputation as a top logistics location.
  • Netzwerk Mobilität
    Netzwerk Mobilität brings together mutually supportive competences in Niedersachsen's mobility sector.
  • Automotive Nord e.V.
    Automotive Nord e.V. ist der Dachverband für die regionalen Automotive-Aktivitäten in Norddeutschland und bildet eine Klammer um die entscheidenden Akteure.
  • Mariko GmbH
    MARIKO GmbH's main task is to network and support stakeholders in the maritime industries.
  • Agrifood Competence Centre
    The State initiative brings together competence and knowledge from all areas of the agricultural and food processing and production sectors.
  • German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL)
    The research institute brings together competences from the entire food sector, operating as a link between science and practical applications.
  • OLEC e.V.
    The Oldenburger Energiecluster OLEC e.V. is a dialogue platform for the energy turnaround and one of the most important industrial clusters in the northwest energy region.
  • eHealth Niedersachsen
    Das Netzwerk dient der Erschließung des Wirtschaftspotenzials von eHealth im Rahmen der wachsenden Gesundheitswirtschaft für mittelständische Unternehmen.
  • BioRegioN
    Niedersachsen's network for life sciences companies and researchers.
  • Industrie 4.0
    Specialised seminars, conferences and other events to promote the exchange of knowledge of and experience with digital enterprise.
  • CFK Valley
    CFK Valley is the world's leading competence network along the entire CFRP value chain.
  • Machining Innovations Network (MIN)
    Based on structure concepts, MIN develops goal-oriented processes to support R&D partners.
  • Innovationsnetzwerk Niedersachsen
    Das Innovationsnetzwerk Niedersachsen bietet Zugang zu rund 275 öffentlichen Einrichtungen der Innovations- und Wirtschaftsförderung.

Innovationszentrum Niedersachsen

Innovationszentrum Niedersachsen is a crucial element in Niedersachsen’s economic development strategy, dedicated to supporting the business community in devising innovations and thus creating and securing jobs. The centre operates as the State Government’s independent strategic and technological consultant and promotes both sector-specific and cross-sectoral business promotion networks to encourage business, research and politics in the development and dissemination of key future technologies in Niedersachsen. It thus optimises technology transfer in Niedersachsen and supports Niedersachsen companies in applying and enhancing their technological and social innovation objectives.


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