Innovative lightweight aircraft from Niedersachsen

Company founder Jörg Hollmann, turning a bright idea into a thriving business.

The aim: a high-performance aircraft weighing just 120 kilogrammes

JH Aircraft GmbH was founded in early 2016 to develop a high-performance aircraft weighing no more than 120 kilogrammes.

Company founder Jörg Hollmann can draw on over 25 years’ experience in aircraft development, working on construction and calculations for sports aircraft, the structural mechanics of passenger planes and much more. He’s also an active pilot; more than 30 years’ flying routine helped this engineer develop a practical, well-thought-out product.

JH Aircraft

  • Founded in 2016
  • Based in Buxtehude
  • Project: developing and building lightweight structures and aircraft
  • First product: Corsair

About the Corsair:

  • Single-seater lightweight aircraft
  • Single radial engine
  • Unladen weight: 120 kg
  • Maximum weight with load: 250 kg
  • Wingspan: 7.50 m
  • Top speed: 210 km/h
  • Predicted range: 500 km
  • Test flights from March 2017 in Stade
  • Starting 2018, series production of complete aircraft.



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