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Start-up entrepreneur Manfred Ide explains how the FOVEA App is revolutionising forestry.

Start-up digitalises timber measurement

Senior forestry inspector and information technology specialist Manfred noticed that timber measurement was becoming ever more complicated because of new, expensive technology that was unsuitable for large quantities. He determined to solve this problem and founded FOVEA GmbH.

Working with the HAWK university in Hildesheim, diverse forestry authorities and sawmill and cellulose industry companies, FOVEA developed an App that makes it possible to measure the volume of timber in a stack optically, using digital photography.

In practical terms that means time-consuming measuring and counting of tree trunks is replaced by a simple photograph on a tablet or smartphone. From the photo, the App calculates the volume of timber, saves the data on the local appliance and can also send it to the central organisation. FOVEA makes the work easier, and saves time and money, for all involved in the timber industry.


  • Core competence: photo-optical timber measurement on a smartphone
  • Founded 2012
  • Based in Uslar, Northeim rural district
  • Five permanent staff

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