CEWE's strengths: innovative vision and market instinct

Board member Dr. Rolf Hollander talks about the company's philosophy.

Market leadership through innovation in the world of photography

Innovative photograph and online printing service company CEWE has its main base in Oldenburg. With a total of 3,400 employees and twelve production facilities serving customers in 24 European countries, CEWE technology and market competence lead the photography service sector. Among its most popular products, along with traditional prints, are photograph albums and gift articles such as printed mugs and mobile phone covers.

Since 1961 CEWE has constantly set new standards in the world of photographic products, applications and services and adapted to shifts in the market. With around 25,000 trading clients, in 2015 CEWE achieved a turnover of 554.2 million €.


Cewe Fotowelt

  • Founded 1961
  • Headquarters: Oldenburg
  • 3,400 employees
  • Twelve production facilities serving 24 European countries
  • Turnover: 554.2 milllion €



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