Corat Therapeutics – A success story from Niedersachsen

Life Science against Covid-19 from Niedersachsen

The Braunschweig-based company Corat Therapeutics is developing  innovative therapeutic drugs against Covid-19: The biotech company is a spin-off from the Technical University of Braunschweig and began searching for effective human antibodies immediately after the outbreak of the corona virus in Germany.

The antibody therapy is designed to neutralize the virus to prevent it from multiplying in the body once an infection has occurred.

Dr. André Frenzel, scientific director, is enthusiastic about the support of the state of Niedersachsen. From the beginning, the state of Lower Saxony helped to overcome the financial hurdles with the state development bank, the NBank. In addition, the location of Niedersachsen is very well suited for the development of life science companies, since a scientific exchange is possible due to the large amount of know-how in Niedersachsen.

More impressions from Corat Therapeutics from Braunschweig: