Data Protection

Data Protection

This portal features content which is to be considered as a telecommunications service as defined by § 1 of the German 'Telemediengesetz' staute. The following procedural principles are assured:

In the case of each access by a user to a page from the content of this portal and for each retrieval of a file, data relating to that process are saved in a journal file. These data are not personal data; that is to say that we cannot trace which user has accessed which data.

One exception to this is found within the internet services offered where personal or business data are entered (for example e-mail address, name) for the execution of such services. Here, the provision of such data by users is expressly voluntary. The utilization of or payment for all services offered can be carried out - insofar as this is technically possible and reasonable - even without divulging such details or using anonymised data or a pseudonym.

You are able to use all generally accessible pages without using cookies. Only in the case of retrieval of pages for which registration is necessary is a session cookie employed which records the identity of the browser session on your computer and which is deleted from your computer after the end of the browser session. This information is no longer available in later browser sessions. Any connection to the person of the user is excluded.

You may choose not to have a unique web analytics to your computer or data collected on this Website: activate for your browser.

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