Besucher des niedersächsischen Netzwerkabends auf der Windenergy

German Offshore Industry Centre at WindEnergy 2016

30.09.2016 Hamburg

From 27-30 September at the 'WindEnergy Hamburg' trade fair, the State of Niedersachsen promoted its offshore wind power sector at the German Offshore Industry Centre stand in Hall B 6. On 28 September at 16:30 the State Ministry for Economics, Labour and Transport invited wind power professionals to a panel discussion and reception.

Im Gespräch: Dr. Markus Tacke, Geschäftsführer Siemens Wind Power und Staatssekretärin Daniela Behrens mit Moderatorin Bita Schafi-Neya
State Secretary Daniela Behrens in conversation with Dr Markus Tacke, Siemens Wind Power CEO

The German Offshore Industry Centre at Cuxhaven, with direct access to a navigable channel to the North Sea, offers ideal conditions for all offshore wind power enterprises. Siemens is currently building its new wind turbine factory here and more specialist component suppliers will follow. The centre is already home to numerous offshore enterprises such as tower and foundation builders Ambau.

Joachim Görlitz, Geschäftsführer Ambau GmbH, Morten Mørk, Geschäftsführer Nordmark Maskinfabrik A/S
Morten Mørk, CEO of Nordmark Maskinfabrik A/S, and Joachim Görlitz, CEO of Ambau GmbH

State Secretary Daniela Behrens took part in a panel discussion with Dr Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens Wind Power, Joachim Görlitz, CEO of Ambau GmbH, and Nordmark Maskinfabrik A/S CEO Morten Mørk about the development potential of the German Offshore Industry Centre at Cuxhaven, and current challenges for Niedersachsen's offshore cluster arising from the recently passed 2017 renewable energy statute and Brexit.

The event concluded with networking and exchanges of news and views over drinks and snacks.

WindEnergy Hamburg


WindEnergy Hamburg is an international trade fair for the wind power industry, where innovative solutions from all stages of the value creation chain are presented to professionals in the field.

  • First staged in 2015
  • Happening every other year
  • 1,400 exhibitors in 2016
  • 35,000 visitors in 2016

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