Erfolgsgeschichten aus Niedersachsen

Success stories from Niedersachsen in 2022

Niedersachsen, in the heart of Europe, is the location of the future - electromobility, life science, renewable power and light aircraft. Convince yourself and watch the videos to learn more about Niedersachsen and the great companies:

Volkswagen Emden

With around 8,000 employees, the Volkswagen plant in Emden produces more than 163,000 vehicles per year. From 2024 onwards, the plant will only produce electric cars and is therefore relying on production with the most modern standards.

Corat Therapeutics

The Braunschweig-based company Corat Therapeutics is developing  innovative therapeutic drugs against Covid-19: The biotech company is a spin-off from the Technical University of Braunschweig and began searching for effective human antibodies immediately after the outbreak of the corona virus in Germany.

Agile Wind Power

The company Agile Wind Power AG develops and produces large vertical-axis wind turbines. The company was founded in Switzerland. The founder and managing director Patrick Richter and his team were looking for a new production site for the wind turbines under the Vertical Sky® brand and found what they were looking for: Agile Wind Power has settled in Lemwerder, Niedersachsen.

Fresh Breeze

The company Fresh Breeze GmbH & Co. KG is successful in the export market with ultralight aircraft. The company develops and produces flight devices for up to two people in Wedemark/Bissendorf (close to Hannover) and sells them worldwide.

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