Niedersachsen – the ideal location for the hydrogen economy

If your company wants to benefit from the current developments in the German energy transition, Niedersachsen is your ideal location. We have consistently expanded renewable energies and established high performance energy research. Niedersachsen is therefore in a perfect position to make the energy transition a reality.

This is why the north lends itself so well to establishing a hydrogen-based economy:

  • High generation capacities for onshore and offshore wind power with further development potential
  • Underground strata for storing hydrogen in large quantities
  • Sea ports, which will play a significant role in future in the import and distribution of green hydrogen and synthetic energy carriers, in the use of hydrogen and in the export of hydrogen technologies and components
  • A high level of scientific expertise combined with industrial sectors with considerable experience in working with hydrogen
  • Development of additional know-how in the ‘Real laboratories of the energy revolution’, and the HyLand projects, which were pronounced winners of the idea competitions by the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and the German Federal Minister of Transport.

More insights can also be found in our video:

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