Das Hakuba Summer Meeting 2017 war eine gelungene Netzwerk-Veranstaltung

Hakuba Summer Meeting 2017

08.08.2017 Meyer's Farm at Hannover Adventure Zoo

Around 60 German and Japanese decision makers in politics, business and society gathered at 'Meyer's Farm' in Hannover Zoo for this year's Hakuba Summer Meeting.

Deputising for Economics Minister Olaf Lies, Head of Department Ralf Borchers welcomed guests to this year’s Hakuba Summer Meeting, praising the close and fruitful political and economic relations between Germany and Japan. Nearly 40 Japanese companies are represented in Niedersachsen, and the imminent conclusion of a free trade agreement between Europe and Japan will, in his view, lay the foundations of even stronger and more productive international connections and thus of growing prosperity.

Abteilungsleiter Borchers eröffnet das Hakuba Summer Meeting 2017.
Head of Department Borchers opens the 2017 Hakuba Summer Meeting.

In response, Consul-General Takao Anzawa emphasised the tremendous importance to German-Japanese cooperation of such crucial issues as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and new energy sources, and strongly advocated a further intensification of relations between the two countries. The Hakuba Summer Meeting, in his opinion, offered an excellent occasion for making promising new contacts and conducting fruitful discussions.

Generalkonsul Anzawa erörtert die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit zwischen Japan und Niedersachsen.
Consul-General Anzawa talks about the successes of Japan - Niedersachsen cooperation.

The Hakuba Club is a community of interest and working group comprising representatives of Japanese companies located in Niedersachsen and Niedersachsen companies with business contacts in Japan, along with the Federal State’s important business stakeholders and the State Government. The club takes its name from the steed on the Niedersachsen coat of arms (‘Hakuba’ is Japanese for ‘white horse’) as a symbol of international friendship. The Hakuba Club exists to offer a lively forum for regular personal exchanges of news, views and experience on a wide range of business and cultural topics. Its honorary chairwoman Mrs. Teruko Balogh-Klaus established the forum through many years of personal commitment, organising regular networking meetings to maintain and cultivate cordial German-Japanese relations.

Frau Teruko Balogh-Klaus engagiert sich seit mehr als 30 Jahren für die japanisch-deutschen Verbindungen.
Mrs. Teruko Balogh-Klaus has been engaged in German-Japanes relations for over thirty years.

This year’s Summer Meeting once again provided ample opportunity for Hakuba Club members and guests to explore new business prospects in Niedersachsen; the Japanese-German event offered stimulating exchanges of news and views, lively discussion, and promising new contacts.

Generalkonsul Anzawa, Dr. Schrage (Geschäftsführung, IHK Hannover) und Abteilungsleiter Borchers (nds. Wirtschaftsministerium) verfolgen die Vorstellung der neuen Hakuba-Club-Mitglieder.
Head of Department Borchers (Niedersachsen Economics Ministry), Consul-General Anzawa and Dr. Schrage (Hannover Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO) listen as new members are welcomed to the Hakuba Club.

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