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Niedersachsen's representations abroad

Personal service for Niedersachsen companies looking to enter new foreign markets.

Internationale Beratertage 2016
International Consultancy Days: Niedersachsen's representatives and partners brief companies on markets and chances for foreign trade.

One priority of Niedersachsen’s economic policy is to promote international entrepreneurship, and so over the last few years State representative offices and partnerships have been set up around the world to support export drives by Niedersachsen companies.

The best preconditions for successful foreign business are specific market information and the right contacts on the ground. The State of Niedersachsen supports companies, especially SMEs, with its own international network of representations, business centres and partners.

Niedersachen’s foreign trade presence includes, along with representations in China, the USA, Iran and Russia, partner offices in Cuba and Panama, Scandinavia, Poland, South Africa and Turkey. They all carry comprehensive sector-specific information and are ready to help as your first and best local contact. They provide:

  • Personal advice
  • Information about the target country
  • Mediation of business and political contacts
  • Help in finding the right business partners and
  • Representation of Niedersachsen’s interests abroad.

Make that call! Niedersachsen’s foreign offices will be pleased to hear from you.

Your contacts worldwide

Representative Office of the Federal State of Niedersachsen in China
Meiyuan Road No.228, Zhabei District, Room 1217, Enterprise Square, 200070 Shanghai | People's Republic of China
+86 21 68419 885
+86 21 68419 082
Anna Urumyan
Representation of the Federal State of Niedersachsen in Russia
Anna Urumyan
1. Kasatschi Pereulok Nr. 7, 119017 Moscow | Russian Federation
+7 495 7304043
+7 495 7304044
Kamelia Karimi
Representative Office of the Federal State of Niedersachsen to the Islamic Republic of Iran
Kamelia Karimi
Ave. Bukharest, 8. Street No. 7, c/o German-Iran Chamber of Commerce Association, 1514737119 Teran | Iran
+98 2181331103
Patrycja Kosta
Niedersachsen's partner in Poland c/o Sales Desk Poland
Patrycja Kosta
ul. Piaskowa 4, 01-067 Warszawa | Poland
+48 22 5014635
+48 22 5014639
Benny Egholm Sørensen
Niedersachsen’s partner in Scandinavia c/o SORENSEN - Connecting Markets ApS
Benny Egholm Sørensen
Vejlsøvej 51 Bygn. O, 8500 Silkeborg | Denmark
+45 76 344500
+45 76 344501
Flavia Cusidor & Dieter Kipp
Niedersachsen’s partner in Cuba
Flavia Cusidor & Dieter Kipp
Calle 3ra. No. 24 e, C y Final, La Puntilla, Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de La Habana | Cuba
+53 7 204 0640
+53 7 204 5803
Niedersachsen’s partner in Turkey c/o GLS Global Logistics Consulting Services
Wolfgang Wanja
Blokları B 1 Blok Kat 14 D.438, Havaalanı Yolu IDTM EGS Business Park, 34149 Yeşilköy / Bakırköy / Istanbul | Turkey
+90 212 465 33 30
+90 212 465 33 02

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