Messegelände CeBIT Türen

CeBIT - the Global Event for Digital Business

20.03.2017 Hannover

Top innovations live from d!conomy

Using the motto "discover d!conomy", selected CeBIT exhibitors presented the most thrilling showcases – making digitization tangible. Using our site map, you can keep track of the full range of digital diversity on display while having access to CeBIT highlights. You will learn about a self-driving bus, which recommends the best restaurant to its passengers. See drones that inspect transmission towers for damage. Compare the digital standards of your own company to the current benchmark. Go on a tour of discovery and experience all of the opportunities and possibilities that digitization has to offer.

2017 Partner Country Japan

Japan is an incubator of digital technologies. It is home to highly innovative industries that are undisputed world leaders in many fields, including driverless vehicles and robotics. Moreover, it is a society that welcomes innovation and readily embraces new. Japan is also a key trading partner for German ICT companies. All of which points to CeBIT as the perfect platform for furthering bilateral dialogue, particularly for SMEs and startups.

BITKOM figures indicate that Japanese exports of ICT products to Germany in 2015 totaled 1.3 billion euros, up a good 19 percent from 2014. German ICT exports to Japan also increased – by around 15 percent – taking the 2015 total to approximately 270 million euros.

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Start-ups: From the idea to the next big thing

In this digital age of ours, a good idea can revolutionize entire industries. You’ll find dozens of good ideas at SCALE11, the startup showcase at CeBIT and a a place that attracts company founders from across the globe who are there to highlight their digital-age products, concepts and solutions to an audience of investors, business experts and political figures. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover the “next big thing” – which could turn into a fabulous investment opportunity for you.

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Artificial Intelligence: When will machines outstrip the intelligence of humans?

IT specialists are already speculating on the day when machines will become more intelligent than people. Indeed, there is no doubt that digital applications are becoming increasingly complex and ever more capable. In the United States, AI is already being used to fashion legal documents, and doctors are using AI as an aid in the support of diagnosis and treatment. Whether the digital assistant is called Siri, Cortana or Echo, a measure of artificial intelligence is always involved.

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Virtual Reality: Blurring the borders between the real and the unreal

Business consultants see a bright future for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). In less than 10 years, the global market is expected to rival today’s market for PCs. Numerous IT companies and startups are eager for a piece of the pie and are working on a wide array of solutions. And indeed, there appear to be no limits on the commercial benefits attached to using VR and AR.

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The Cloud is here

Almost 50 percent of companies are already using the Cloud – not surprisingly, since the technology not only reduces costs, but also lets the user react swiftly to new IT system requirements. Companies using the Cloud need merely press a button to roll out the latest software update. CeBIT gives its visitors a globally unique overview of the limitless opportunities offered by the Cloud. And how companies of any size can make themselves fit for an increasingly competitive business environment.

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Drones: By land, sea or air

Whether it involves agriculture, logistics or even an industrial accident of the type that occurred at Fukushima: Drones, or "multi-copters", can be used for a wide variety of applications. The relevant data are transmitted uninterruptedly in real time and can be instantly analyzed and visualized. The opportunities for employing drones in the skies or for other unmanned systems on land or water are virtually unlimited – an array of legal restrictions notwithstanding.

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  • Global Event for Digital Business
  • Host: Deutsche Messe AG
  • Since 1986 in Hannover
  • 2017: more than 3,000 exhibitors
  • more than 200,000 vistors

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