Business delegations

We offer Niedersachsen companies, especially SMEs, opportunities to make valuable business contacts abroad.

Make valuable foreign trade contacts

Business delegations offer unique opportunities to make new business contacts abroad and get to know the local economic situation at first hand – a service for Niedersachsen companies, especially SMEs. The ways into new markets are often tortuous and usually hard to plan out: other laws, bureaucratic obstacles and cultural differences make the new start abroad less than straightforward.
The decisive factors on any new foreign venture: information, and contacts.


Plan and prepare your new foreign venture carefully

Delegation visits abroad offer companies, especially SMEs, opportunities to make business contacts and get to know a country’s economic situation at first hand and in the context of their own business aims. SMEs that have not yet traded abroad can thus prepare to enter a foreign market.

Knowledgeable and competent partners in Niedersachsen and in the destination country organise a programme tailored to the delegation members’ needs and interests, enhanced with B2B events and individual visits to potential partners. A delegation led by a senior political figure has access to many more opportunities to meet influential stakeholders in the host country and initiate further activities in the target market.

Human rights aspects taken into consideration

Delegation journeys are planned and carried out with due regard to the human rights situation in the destination country, with comprehensive advance briefings. Delegation participants and Niedersachsen companies operating abroad are made aware of the special relevance of human rights aspects and the UN guiding principles on business and human rights.

You're interested in networking?

Leading international trade fairs and established sector and thematic networks offer ideal conditions for doing new business with partners at home and all over the world.

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