Bio 2018

Niedersachsen at the Bio 2018 International Convention in Boston

01.06.2018 Boston

The State of Niedersachsen and four of its leading bioscience enterprises present biotech and pharma solutions at the Bio International Convention, 4 – 7 June 2018 in Boston.

At this year’s BIO International Convention (BIO) around 16,000 participants from the biotec and pharma industries are expected, gathering in Boston to discuss the latest developments in their sectors and initiate promising partnerships. The range of topics is wide, covering the most diverse fields of application such as pharmaceutical research, biological production, genomics, organic fuels, nanotechnology and cell therapy.

Innovations – Made in Niedersachsen

Life Sciences and the health services sector are growth areas and key markets of the Niedersachsen economy, with particular strengths in hearing and implant research, biomedical technology, but also  in infection-, veterinary- and neurological research.

This year the State of Niedersachsen is represented at the Bio International Convention from 4 – 7 June 2018 with its own Stand 1613 at the Germany Pavilion. Dr Anne Hopert and Aryan Zandieh will be on hand to answer questions about Niedersachsen as a business location, while representatives of Niedersachsen companies InSCREENeX GmbH, genXplain, YUMAB and Vibalogics demonstrate innovative ‘Made in Niedersachsen’ solutions for the biotech and pharma sectors:



InSCREENex GmbH from Braunschweig provides new kinds of mammal cell systems for pharmaceuticals development. The SCREENflex™ and CI-SCREEN™ products accelerate hitherto expensive and time-consuming active agent research and make in-vitro tests possible.

Booth 1613 - Germany Pavilion


geneXplain GmbH


geneXplain GmbH is a software developer whose comprehensive ‘GeneXplain’ platform provides statistical, biological, chemical and system-biological information tools to decode biological processes and human illnesses. GeneXplain enables the causal interpretation of transcriptome and proteome data. Application fields are above all in biosciences, systems biology modelling, medicines development, personalised medicine and pharmacogenomics.

Booth 1613 – Germany Pavilion




Yumab GmbH researches and develops complete human antibodies, especially for immunotherapy and other therapeutic applications. The antibodies are optimised though every kind of development programme and tailored to the client’s specific needs; antibodies thus display the required characteristics for every immunotherapy strategy.

Booth 1613 – Germany Pavilion


Vibalogics GmbH


Vibalogics GmbH operates in partnership with companies dedicated to the development of therapeutics, prophylactic vaccines and biologicals – the company is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for virus production, bacteria production, quality control systems, filling and freeze-drying. In all its activities Vibalogics adheres strictly to international GMP regulations.

Booth 1712 - Germany Pavilion


Bio International Convention at 25

At the Bio International Convention, along with small and medium-sized enterprises the world’s leading biotech and pharmaceuticals concerns are represented. More than 500 specialist keynote presentations by eminent experts illuminate the current hot topics in the sectors, while numerous events offer fine opportunities to network with over 16,000 visitors from 74 countries. The convention is staged by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), representing over 1,1000 biotech enterprises, academic facilities, state biotech centres and their associated organisations in the USA and over 30 other countries.

Bio 2018


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