Die Beraterinnen und Berater stehen den Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern der 9. Internationalen Beratertage für Fragen rund um die 9 Zielmärkte zur Verfügung

International Consultancy Days – Well Advised Abroad

07.11.2017 Hannover | 08.11.2017 – Oldenburg

At the ninth International Consultancy Days organised by the Niedersachsen Ministry of Economics, the State's eight Representatives abroad presented the chances and challenges for Niedersachsen companies in their respective regions and conducted many individual advice sessions on current and planned export activities.

The Niedersachsen Ministry for Economics invitation to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Hannover on 7 November and Oldenburg on 8 November went out to businesses under the slogan: 'Well Advised Abroad', and the response was tremendous: 80 businessmen and -women came from all over the state to talk to Niedersachsen's Trade Representatives around the world and gather first-hand information on prospective foreign markets.

Discussions based on essential market knowledge

In the morning the businessmen and -women heard 15-minute keynote presentations on latest developments in nine of the world’s most interesting markets: Iran, China, Russia, the USA, Poland, Scandinavia, Cuba, Panama and Turkey. Niedersachsen’s Representatives summed up the current business climate, the employment market situation, key sectors, and possible challenges for international business with their respective regions.

The complete presentations on each foreign market are in the download section below.

Taking the first steps into new foreign markets

After a light lunch the businessmen and –women seized the chance for intense discussion with Niedersachsen Representatives about target markets; around 100 consultations answered practical questions, discussed the particular national characteristics and examined various individual business activities. The Representatives will continue to be at the disposal of Niedersachsen businesses with advice and practical support for further market exploration and setting up export business.

Well advised on doing business abroad

Market knowledge, cultural awareness and excellent networked contacts on the ground are essential for entering and succeeding on foreign markets. The International Consultancy Days staged by Niedersachsen’s Economics Ministry offer interested companies fundamental support through a high quality international network.

The Consultancy Days are held just once a year, but the free services of the Foreign Trade Representatives are available to Niedersachsen companies all year round.

Last updated: 10 November 2017

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