Internationale Beratertage

International Consultancy Days

30.11.2016 Hannover / 01.12.2016 – Osnabrück

Get free advice and information from our experts and partners from all over the world.

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Around 100 Niedersachsen companies attended the eighth International Consultancy Days, 'Well Advised Abroad', meeting Niedersachsen's representatives and getting to know more about foreign markets.

On 30 November at Hannover Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), and on 1 December at the IHK  Osnabrück-Emsland-Grafschaft Bentheim, the Consultancy Day described and discussed latest developments in the world's most interesting markets such as Iran, China, Russia and the USA.

Die niedersächsischen Repräsentanten und Partner
Niedersachsen's representatives and partners at the 8th International Consultancy Days

After lunch there was time to make personal contacts with Niedersachsen’s representatives and partners in eight countries and regions. This free opportunity for one-to-one discussions about interesting target markets gave companies the chance to address their specific concerns and ideas; many of them are already planning further dialogue.

Around 100 companies used the Consultancy Days to tap into Niedersachsen’s effective and efficient international network, saving time, effort and money in setting up their own foreign contacts – a decisive step to success on international markets.

You're interested in joining a business delegation abroad?

Several times a year, the Economics Ministry offers the chance to join a business delegation to foreign markets, led by a senior political figure.

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