Gross- und Einzelhandel

Wholesale and retail enterprises

Retail – economic driving force

In Niedersachsen, around 300,000 workers at some 40,000 companies generate an annual turnover of 68.2 billion € and thus make a substantial contribution to the State’s value added. Directly and indirectly induced value added from the retail sector in Niedersachsen alone amounts to 17.3 billion €; every day, around five million people make purchases in Niedersachsen’s retail shops.

The retail sector trains about 11,000 young people each year; Niedersachsen is home to BZE-Springe, one of Germany’s largest and most highly regarded initial and further training institutes for the retail trades.

  • 68,2 bn € turnover
  • 300,000 employees in the retail trade
  • 11,000 trainees in the retail trade
  • 40,000 retail businesses

Wholesale and foreign trade

In Niedersachsen alone, more than 10,000 businesses with a total of almost 100,000 employees generate an annual turnover of 81 billion € (source: AGA Unternehmensverband und Statistikamt Nord). Wholesale and foreign trading connects manufacturers, processing industries and retail traders. Core business is in manufactured and consumer goods, and associated services.