Niedersachsen's service industries

Every day, everything depends on services. In Niedersachsen you'll find first-class service providers in many fields.

The general public and the private and public sectors use service providers every day – trade and property services, travel and transport, private education and employment services ... all backed by service sector enterprises.

The proportion of service companies in the overall economy is constantly growing; it already delivers two-thirds of Niedersachsen's Gross Added Value. Today's service sector is especially strongly represented by SMEs – in Niedersachsen even more so than in other Federal States.

In this, the tertiary sector is extraordinarily diverse; its companies are affiliated to many different economic sectors, and the services they provide range from simple personal assistance to highly complex knowledge-intensive work packages. And customers are less and less able or willing to do without these services – this means growth opportunities for the service sector and the State as a whole.

To make the most of these opportunities – that's State Government policy, and that the people and the enterprises of Niedersachsen reap the benefits.

Services on the pulse of business needs

More and more companies are finding that not doing everything themselves is good for business; many prefer to concentrate on their core activities and take advantage of external services for other tasks – enterprises that are specialists in their fields and can usually deliver services more economically, for example:

  • recruitment agencies find new personnel to fill staff vacancies,
  • temporary employment agencies help cope with workload peaks,
  • call centres or service centres deal with customer relations,
  • property and facility management firms look after buildings
  • security firms guard and supervise company sites.

Overall, the proportion of outsourced services in the total economic performance is growing (with distinct variations among participating sectors). According to Eurostat figures, services deliver in excess of 11% of the EU's Added Value, and this figure is similar for Germany, while in Niedersachsen it's slightly lower, at 9% ... so far!

So far, because according to economics researchers it makes business sense for companies to buy in even more services. For providers with the appropriate specialist skills this opens up additional business opportunities. At the same time, new technologies make it possible to develop entirely new services. It's crucial to exploit this growth potential, and the State Government supports this by creating the right framework conditions.

You're interested in funding and subsidies?

Niedersachsen offers numerous funding and subsidy programmes, especially for SMEs. NBank will be happy to advise you.

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