Cultural and creative enterprise

Cooperate for success – network for creativity – devise and develop projects – support start-ups.

  • 100,000 workers
  • 7.8 bn € turnover
  • 47,600 km² full of ideas!

Niedersachsen’s cultural and creative enterprises generate an annual turnover of around 7.8 billion €, and employ about 65,000 staff and freelancers. By comparison, there are around 60,000 employees in the State’s mechanical engineering companies. Another 41,300 casual and occasional workers earning less than 17,500 € a year are also active in the cultural and creative sector.

Along with these financial factors, for the Niedersachsen economy the cultural and creative sector is of special interest by reason of its capacity and potential for innovation:

  • It pioneers applications of new methods and forms in the world of work.
  • Creative enterprises make extensive use of non-technical innovations and thus extend and enhance innovative systems that are shaped by purely technical progress.
  • It drives and provokes innovation in other sectors; in their constant search for the new, creative sector entrepreneurs stimulate competitiveness throughout the economy.

Economic policy therefore aims to support creative enterprises, their networks and initiatives, to raise the visibility of the sector and promote cooperation between cultural and creative enterprises and enterprises in other sectors.

To this end, in 2014 the State Economics Ministry set up its first business development fund for cultural and creative enterprise, with 250,000 € each year. From this, for example, the cre8 network in Oldenburg received funding to implement its trans-sectoral ‘Cross-over-Strategy’.

In 2016 und 2017 the State-wide creative competition Kreativpioniere Niedersachsen is being staged, leading to training and qualification for prizewinning entrepreneurs in the creative sector.

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