Craft trades

The economic power on your doorstep – with centuries of tradition and constant innovation.

Solid training, high employment and economic resilience

Niedersachsen's craft trades are grounded in a tradition of centuries of good work by family enterprises. Building on this, the craft sector has always set high standards in solid, comprehensive training and a spirit of innovation. Germany's craft trades are part of the special quality associated with the proud motto: 'Made in Germany'.

  • 83,094 companies
  • 520,654 workers
  • 44,653 trainees
  • 51 bn € turnover

The main craft trades are:

  • construction and finishing
  • electrical and metalworking
  • woodworking
  • clothing, textiles and leatherworking
  • food preparation
  • health and personal care, chemicals and cleaning
  • glassmaking, papermaking, ceramics and other trade skills.

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Niedersachsen’s craft trades are economically well situated, and this stimulates their capacities and competitiveness.

To ensure that craft trades will deliver top-class services and products into the future, the sector is strongly committed to training the skilled workers of tomorrow. The craft trades stand by their social responsibilities and, for example, were quick to set up the integration project ‘Craft training for refugees and asylum seekers (IHAFA)’. To ensure availability of a skilled workforce and strengthen the Niedersachsen economy the Fachkräfteinitiative Niedersachsen (FKI) was founded with the active participation of the State’s craft trade associations.

Another important issue for craft trades is digitalisation; the sector is aware of its significance and opportunities for its various trades and is closely examining and developing the possibilities that digitalisation offers.

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