Construction and civil engineering

The construction industry is an important partner for investment in Niedersachsen.

Wide spectrum of services and achievements

The Niedersachsen construction sector ranks an admirable fourth among Germany's federal states, with a strong proportion of SMEs. Whether housing construction, public works or commercial properties, Niedersachsen's many  enterprises cover the full range of construction services. For companies seeking a new location in Niedersachsen, this sector can be an important partner.
Many of the larger companies are active internationally - Niedersachsen's global players include Köster Holding AG based in Osnabrück, GP Günter Papenburg AG in Hannover and JOHANN BUNTE in Papenburg.

  • 12,5 bn € turnover
  • 88,000 workers
  • 270 bn € planned for infrastructure investment
Exceptionally good prospects

After a period of stagnation, conditions for the construction sector have been extremely favourable for some time. Housing construction has been the most important sector for years now, one driving force of the upward trend being the lowest-ever mortgage interest rate. In Niedersachsen, the building boom continues apace, and the state also benefits from the prosperity of neighbouring Hamburg; many home-seekers look beyond the city into the Niedersachsen hinterland to the northwest.

Positive trends are also expected in public works; the national transport plan passed by Federal Government in early December 2016 foresees massive public investment in the transport infrastructure: more than 270 billion € for the extension and repair of Germany’s roads, rail routes and inland waterways over the next few years. Half the funding is earmarked for main roads and motorways.

Above and beyond this, further investment by larger municipalities in kindergartens, the renovation and expansion of schools, and affordable housing provision is expected.

The professional associations representing the construction industry are the Baugewerbeverband Niedersachsen and Bauindustrieverband Nord.

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