The aerospace industry in Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen, together with Hamburg und Bremen, is the worldwide third largest location of the aviation industry.

Aerospace in Niedersachsen

Renowned research institutes such as the Niedersachsen Aeronautics Research Centre (NFL) and over 250 industrial and service enterprises make up the high-capacity infrastructure.

  • 50+ research institutions
  • 260 companies at 350 different locations
  • 194 bn € German mobility industry turnover
  • 30,000 workers

This is where the most modern aircraft, components and materials are created; specialists in the region include Airbus, Premium Aerotec and CFK-Valley, with an open door for newcomers and bright ideas, like a gyrocopter developed in Hildesheim – a smart aircraft that uses just 15 litres of fuel an hour and, with a top speed of 185 km/h, offers fast everyday mobility for the solo traveller.

Niedersachsen is fascinated by new ideas - also when they're up in the air.

International aerospace players

  • Premium Aerotec, leading international aerospace manufacturer and Europe's largest supplier of structures and assembly systems for aircraft construction
  • Broetje-Automation, world leaders in automation systems
  • The world's third-largest civil aviation cluster: aircraft builders Airbus, wide-ranging production of carbon fibre components, cabin data systems and especially ultra-lightweight R&D with CFRPs at CFK Valley Stade
  • General aviation, 24/7 Hannover Airport, Airport Business Park and air freight centre, TUIFly
  • Important location for jet engine maintenance, repair and overhaul, main facility of MTU Maintenance
  • Research and development in the technology network at Braunschweig Research Airport
  • A general aviation hot spot, home of AutoGyro, the world leader in the development, production and sales of gyrocopters

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Niedersachsen Aviation

Niedersachsen Aviation is the state government initiative to make Niedersachsen one of Europe's leading aerospace regions.


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