New destinations with telematics

Combining the best of telecommunications and information technology, telematics is an R&D field with enormous growth potential.

Telematics in Niedersachsen

One thing's for sure: the mobility concepts of the future won't work without telematic components. Niedersachsen recognised the signs of the times early on, and works to bring networks of active partners from research and industry together to conquer the telematics market with their innovative applications. The state's mobility network and the 'ITS automotive nord e.V.' association are practical impulses to create platforms for making contacts developing practical development projects.

  • Every 4th car in western Europe is a VW.
  • 260,000 workers in logistics
  • 13.5% VW's share of the world's car market
  • No. 1 for automobile construction

If you're making big plans in telematics you'll make all the right connections in Niedersachsen  – because we're making them too!

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