Elektromobilitaet zum Anfassen_Buehne

Electromobility for life

The attractions of electromobility are strongest from behind the wheel. In Niedersachsen we're working on it – researching, testing, driving – every day.

Cooperation for the future market

Intelligent concepts, engineering brilliance and constructive cooperation between research and industry are all needed today to supply the new electromobility market with practical, stylish and affordable vehicles.

  • 30 e-projects in the metropolitan region
  • No. 1 for automobile construction
  • 194 bn € turnover in the automobile industry
  • 60% of electricity from renewables

Testing electromobility in practice

In around 30 projects in the Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg Metropolitan Region, from 2012 to 2016 electromobility in all its forms was tested for everyday practicality; more than 200 partners committed to the Niedersachsen showcase to bring electromobility to people's everyday lives – literally to drive the idea forward. The Niedersachsen State Government funded the showcase to the tune of around 11 million €.

Almost 4,000 test drives at the roadshows

On the seven-city tour in 2015, 'Simply electric - a new mobility feeling', Niedersachsen Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Digitalisation worked with car manufacturers VW, Audi, Renault, Citroen, Kia, Nissan, BMW, H2O e-mobile and Tesla along with many other partners to bring enthusiasm for electromobility to more than 100,000 people. On seven weekends in Hannover, Göttingen, Lüneburg, Osnabrück, Oldenburg, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig visitors took almost 4.000 test drives in electric vehicles.

Niedersachsen is ready to take the lead.

As a trade and industry location, Niedersachsen already has several unique selling points: as Europe's most important automotive region with growing engagement in electromobility, the region is in the vanguard of electricity generation from renewables, making a crucial contribution to the energy turnaround in Germany.

As a 20% shareholder in Volkswagen, for Niedersachsen's State Government the 'Strategy 2025' approved by its board of directors to focus on electromobility, autonomous driving and mobility services is of tremendous importance.

Volkswagen also plans to create a new area of competence in battery technologies and is considering building its own battery factory. Experts foresee that the current overcapacity in global battery cell production will be overtaken by a strong rise in demand from 2020/2021. When VW enters the market the framework conditions for locating its factory in Niedersachsen are very favourable.



We're delighted to work with everyone who addresses this visionary theme as seriously as we do, and wants to make a practical contribution to  further developments in  Niedersachsen.

Electromobility live: the seven cities tour of Niedersachsen

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