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Global leaders in the automobile industry

Niedersachsen leads the world in automotive enterprise.

The automobile industry

Niedersachsen is home to Volkswagen AG, Europe's largest automobile concern - over 10 million vehicles produced in 2016 – with the corresponding potential for partners in component manufacture and supply. Niedersachsen's exceptional infrastructure also attracts special vehicle builders such as Krone (trailers and superstructures for trucks) and MAN (trucks, axle assemblies, crankshafts and buses).

  • Eight freight centres and multi-modal terminals
  • Nine international seaports
  • Europe's easternmost deepwater harbour
  • Dense motorway, rail and inland waterway networks
  • Constantly-growing logistics sector with currently 260,000 workers

In Niedersachsen you'll find logistics concepts tuned to industrial manufacturing processes - efficient, economical, reliable and environmentally friendly.

  • No. 1 in automobile construction
  • 120,000 direct employees
  • 10 million vehicles built in 2016
  • 55% of automobile industry turnover
  • 700 supplier companies

Niedersachsen's automotive sector leads Europe in digitalising the automobile, and is showing the way in autonomous driving.

The 'Niedersachsen Test Track' – a joint venture between the State Government and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) – offers an opportunity unique in Europe to trial these new technologies in real traffic conditions.

Our excellent research infrastructure facilitates smooth know-how transfer between research and business, and mediates practical cooperation. For example, the Niedersachsen Automotive Research Centre (NFF) in Wolfsburg and Braunschweig as a platform for joint projects in the field of intelligent and sustainable technologies.

Trusted partners – the supplier industry

From complete system providers to innovative development partners, over 700 component supply enterprises are based in Niedersachsen, including such global players as Continental AG in Hannover, one of the world's largest vehicle technology companies.

Many more specialist enterprises complete the diverse Niedersachsen supplier spectrum, for example Johnson Controls in Hannover develops and manufactures batteries, Robert Bosch GmbH in Hildesheim driver assistance systems and electric motors, ZF Lemförder steering assemblies, Wabco in Hannover control systems for safety and efficiency.

Niedersachsen: home to specialist expertise and innovative ambition!

Seize the opportunities for your enterprise at a highly developed location – Niedersachsen's ready to welcome you!

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