Niedersachsen's ports and harbours

Water transport - Niedersachsen's element: nine seaports, a deepwater harbour and numerous inland harbours provide the very best in maritime logistics.

Specialist ports

From nine seaports Niedersachsen can guarantee perfect connections to the international flow of goods. Each port has its specialist handling capacities; taken together, each and every kind of freight can be handled.

  • Containers and vehicles
  • Agricultural and forestry products
  • Steel and derivatives
  • Solid and liquid raw materials
  • Project loads such as wind turbines and aircraft components.

Wilhelmshaven Container Terminal is Germany's sole deepwater harbour, handling the latest generation container ships whatever the state of the tide with a short approach channel. Made-to-measure industrial and commercial sites and properties close to the quays offer plenty of space for business development.

  • 39 seaports and inland harbours
  • 50m tonnes of freight handled
  • 1.78m cars loaded every year
  • 34% of the German merchant fleet
Specialised ports for all sorts of freight – Welcome to Niedersachsen!

With 39 seaports and inland harbours, Niedersachsen's marine capacity is denser than anywhere else in Europe – with corresponding benefits for coastal regions:

Container freight in Niedersachsen is one of the State's economic flagships, with exceptional growth rates.

Niedersachsen's exceptionally dense network of inland waterways and harbours also makes its contribution; along with their associated freight centres they guarantee smooth transfer of goods from the sea routes into the entire central European economic area.

Maritime networking

Our maritime networks and research facilities look to tomorrow: Green Shipping, Smart Shipping and Ocean Energy are some of the challenges we're finding solutions for.

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Niedersachsen offers diverse funding programmes, especially for SMEs. NBank, the State investment and business promotion bank, will be happy to advise you.

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