Shaped by the coast - maritime logistics

300 kilometres of North Sea coast shape our history and future - this, and the systematic development of our infrastructure, ensure that you will find the full spectrum of maritime industry here in Niedersachsen.

Niedersachsen's maritime logistics

Niedersachsen is Germany's leading logistics location and uses its advantages to the full, especially along the North Sea coast. With nine seaports at the heads of high-capacity road, rail, air and inland waterway networks, Niedersachsen can offer ideal connections to the international goods flow. Since 2012 JadeWeserPort at Wilhelmshaven has been operating as Germany's only deepwater harbour, handling the latest generation of container ships whatever the tide and with a short approach channel.

  • 50m tonnes of freight handled
  • 124 shipping companies
  • 39 ports, of which 9 seaports
  • 34% of the ships in the German merchant marine
Welcome to the port of Niedersachsen!

Whether you're a logistics company or components supplier looking to use the potential of our locations, or a company relying on distribution services and needing a convenient site - you'll find a warm welcome from Niedersachsen's maritime logistics industry.

Large fleet

A merchant fleet of around 788 makes Niedersachsen the second-largest shipping location in Germany after Hamburg. And the vocational schools and universities of our state offer a wide spectrum of excellent initial and in-service training, from navigation to ship technologies, including for example the ship piloting simulator with 270° vision at Leer.

Niedersachsen is currently home to 120 shipping companies, mostly SMEs, active in very diverse areas of business.

Shipping companies' areas of business

  • Container freight
  • Bulk freight
  • Tankers
  • Multi-purpose and heavy load freighters
  • Specialist ships e.g. dredgers, research vessels, supply and erection ships
  • Passenger ships and ferries

Offshore Megawatts

Electricity generation from offshore wind farms in the German Bight has now risen to over 3,000 Megawatts - that's enough power for more than 3 million households. 1,500 MW of this come ashore in Niedersachsen. Along our North Sea coast, over the last few years a very diversified offshore power industry has evolved, covering the sector's entire value chain. The latest addition is the Siemens offshore wind turbine factory at the German Offshore Industry Centre in Cuxhaven.

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You're interested in subsidies and funding?

Niedersachsen offers a wide range of funding and subsidy opportunities, especially for SMEs. The state's investment and business promotion bank NBank will be happy to advise you.

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