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Innovative recycling

Anyone looking to save on resources and energy today can't afford to ignore secondary raw materials. We have the specialists.

Cutting-edge recycling saves on resources.

Limited raw materials and saving energy in manufacturing processes demand new technologies.

The availability and applications of secondary raw materials to conserve resources will be of crucial importance. This ambitious sector has found ideal conditions for start-ups and relocation in Niedersachsen; in the Harz Mountains, a region has evolved into a competence centre for cutting-edge recycling strategies and technologies to process economically essential metals.

Recycling's Silicon Valley

The long-term aim is to develop the Harz region into a 'Silicon Valley for Recycling' - over the last few years industry and research in the Harz have evolved and established innovative extraction and processing technologies for rare earths and metals.

Through collaboration with the 'Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) EIT Raw Materials' and the 'German Resource Research Institute' (GERRI), the region has achieved respect and recognition far beyond Germany.


Innovations cluster

  • Secondary raw materials centre established with state funding
  • Innovation cluster: cooperation between industry and research
  • Research projects funded by the federal research ministry.
  • Prospects for the creation of numerous permanent jobs

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REWIMET – the recycling cluster

REWIMET is a network of companies, scientific institutions, local authorities and facilities, aiming to develop recycling strategies and technologies for economically strategic metals such as Germanium, Gallium, Indium, Rhenium – to reclaim these raw materials from waste and reuse them. Enterprises and scientific facilities with appropriate expertise have traditionally been located in the Harz region.


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Niedersachsen offers diverse funding opportunities, especially for SMEs. NBank, the state investment and business promotion bank, will be happy to advise you.

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