Neurobiology in Niedersachsen

In neurobiology, Niedersachsen regularly hits the international scientific headlines.

Prospects in Niedersachsen

Neurobiology research in Göttingen enjoys an excellent international reputation; here, scientists are investigating the molecular mechanisms of the brain's function and how neurological and neurodegenerative illnesses occur. Close cooperation between theorists and experimental work-groups promotes a constructive spirit in decoding the nervous system's adaptive principles. Combining computer simulations with cutting-edge experimental methodology makes a strong contribution to developing new neuroprostheses.

  • 582,000 workers in the health sector
  • 200 hospitals, with 42,000 beds
  • 4 biotech start-up centres
  • 1 in 7 jobs are in the health sector.

Along with Göttingen, the International Neuroscience Institute (INI) in Hannover has specialist departments of Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neuroradiology, ENT, Orthopaedics and Internal Medicine, offering a complete range of care for neurological patients.

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Architektur der Kernpore in einem intakten Zellkern, abgebildet im beugungsbegrenzten Konfokalmikroskop (links unten) und im STED-“Nanoskop“.
Architecture of the nuclear pores in intact cells, top right, through the STED 'Nanoscope' (photo: Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry)

Niedersachen: life science location

  • One in seven jobs in Niedersachsen is in the health sector.
  • Home to around 140 life science companies and 50 medical technology enterprises
  • 21 colleges and universities, and more than 25 extra-university research institutes, are located in Niedersachsen.
  • Four start-up centres with a biotech focus, in Hannover, Göttingen, Braunschweig and Wilhelmshaven.

Home to two of Germany's leading medical training and health care institutions:

  • Hannover Medical School is world-renowned for transplant medicine and associated immunology research fields.
  • The University Medical Centre Göttingen concentrates especially on neurological and cardio-vascular illnesses.

Specialist trade fair

  • The European trade fair for innovative laboratory equipment and workflow optimisation: LABVOLUTION, with the BIOTECHNICA life science event

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