Medical technology

Niedersachsen is the driving force of research and development in medical implants. 

Implant research in Niedersachsen

NIFE – the Niedersachsen Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Implant Research and Development  – makes Hannover a centre of excellence in cooperative research. NIFE is a joint research facility of Hannover's Medical School, Leibniz University, University of Veterinary Medicine and Laser Centre, with a focus on developing cardiovascular, audio-neurological, muscular-skeletal and dental implants.

  • 200 hospitals
  • 685,000 people working in the health sector
  • 80% of hearing aids contain Niedersachsen research
  • 42,000 hospital beds

Hearing discoveries from Niedersachsen

In hearing research, too, Niedersachsen leads the world, championed by scientific facilities such as the hearing centres in Oldenburg and Hannover but also by researchers at renowned manufacturers such as Advanced Bionics, Hörsys, Sennheiser and Kind Hörgeräte. Their inventions, 'Made in Niedersachsen', can be found in around 80% of all the hearing aids sold worldwide. And at Hannover Medical School more cochlea implant operations are carried out than anywhere else in the world.

Global Players like the medical technology manufacturer Ottobock HealthCare based in Duderstadt, provider of the world's leading prosthetic and orthotic applications, complete the wide spectrum of medical high-tech 'Made in Niedersachsen'.

Enterprises locating to Niedersachsen today benefit from these success stories; they find a smoothly-functioning infrastructure, dynamic networks and a strong spirit of cooperation as the foundations for the success of their own developments.


Your new life science location: Niedersachsen

  • One in seven jobs is in the health sector.
  • Home to around 140 life science companies and 50 medical technology enterprises
  • Twenty-one colleges and universities, and more than 25 extra-university research facilities, have made their home in Niedersachsen.
  • Four start-up centres with a biotechnology focus: in Hannover, Göttingen, Braunschweig and Wilhelmshaven.

Home to two of the leading German institutes for medical training and healthcare:

  • Hannover is world-renowned for transplants and the associated immunology research fields.
  • The University Medical Centre Göttingen concentrate especially on neurological and cardiovascular illnesses.

Specialist trade fair

  • The leading European trade fair for innovative laboratory equipment and optimisation of workflows: LABVOLUTION with its life science event BIOTECHNICA

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