Infection biology

Niedersachsen is a great location for red biotech; this is where pathogen research leads to the development of new agents to treat infection.

Joining forces

To shape the development of new potential medicines and vaccines, the Translation Alliance in Niedersachsen (TRAIN) was founded. Its partners offer the complete range of relevant competences right along the value chain, from identifying, validating and optimising potential medicines through producing test substances under GMP conditions to cell and animal models and the first clinical trials with people.

  • 200 hospitals
  • 42,000 hospital beds
  • 4 biotech centres
  • 695,000 workers in the health sector

This comprehensive range of facilities puts Niedersachsen at the centre of interest. For example, the central facility of the German Center for Infection Research website is located at the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Hannover. From here, all process optimisation activities from research findings to applications for patients are coordinated right across Germany.

New enterprises in this sector can depend upon excellent start-up conditions when they're looking to strengthen the sectors with their research and development in Niedersachsen.

Life science location: Niedersachsen

  • Every seventh job is in the health sector.
  • home to around 140 life science companies and 50 medical technology enterprises
  • 21 higher education facilities and universities, and over 25 extra-university research institutes, are located in Niedersachsen.
  • four start-up centres with a biotech focus, in Hannover, Göttingen, Braunschweig and Wilhelmshaven.

Home to two leading German institutions in medical training and health services:

  • Hannover Medical School is world-famous for transplant medicine and the associated immunology research fields.
  • The University Medical Centre Göttingen focuses especially on neurological and cardio-vascular illness.

Specialist trade fair

  • The European specialist fair for innovative laboratory equipment and optimising workflows: LABVOLUTION, with the life sciences event BIOTECHNICA

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