Food industry in Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen is a state with a long agricultural tradition, where a closely networked food and animal feed industry has developed.

From the farm to the table

Niedersachsen's food industry covers the entire value chain, from farming and fishing through refining and processing to retail marketing and gastronomy.

  • every 2nd German potato comes from Niedersachsen
  • 39,500 agricultural enterprises
  • 33 bn € turnover in the food industry
  • 390,000 workers in the Agribusiness industry

Niedersachsen's leading role in food production comes from our state's fertile soil; excellently suited to growing wheat, sugar beet or potatoes, it also has the resources for special cultures and exotic vergetables.

Fertile soil

Yields are remarkable: almost every second German potato grows in Niedersachsen's soil. In 2015 in Germany Niedersachsen produced:

  • 15% of the cereals, 30% of the sugar beet and almost 50% of the potatoes
  • 72% of the bilberries, around 27% of the strawberries and around 23% of cultivated raspberries
  • 28% of the apples and almost 20% of the pears
  • 34% of the iceberg lettuces, 22% of the asparagus
  • and almost 44% of the curly kale

... grown in Germany!


Processing of animal products is also centred on Niedersachsen. In the northwest, concentrations of highly productive pig and poultry breeding companies make the food sector Niedersachsen’s second-strongest economic sector behind vehicle manufacturing. Two-thirds of German broiler chickens come from Niedersachsen, almost 40% of the laying hens and a third of the country’s pigs live in Niedersachsen’s stalls – with a rising proportion of animal welfare and organic companies. Almost every other organic egg and every second free range egg is from Niedersachsen and the trend is upward.

The dense food sector network in Niedersachsen is complemented by processing and refining companies, monitoring and food safety institutions and specialists in seed and animal feed production.

Göttingen University and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and Arts have faculties of agricultural science, and many other research fields such as food and environmental sciences are addressed at educational establishments all over the State.

To maintain the innovative impetus of the food sector Niedersachsen has an excellent specialist research community.

The German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL), funded by 150 member companies in the food sector and related fields, conducts research into product and process development and analytic procedures.

Investors and businesses will find fertile soil in Niedersachsen for their food sector enterprises. We look forward to seeing how you reap the benefits of settling here!

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Niedersachsen's agrifood initiative

NieKE – Niedersachsen's agrifood initiative – brings together competences and knowledge from every area of agricultural and food enterprise across the State, as a cross-sector and cross-technological competence network with a strong focus on market and practice applications.


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