Ernährungswirtschaft in Niedersachsen

Germany's number one food region

  • 390,000
    workers in the Agribusiness industry
  • 33 bn €
    turnover in the food, animal feed and beverages industries
  • > 100
    countries supplied with agricultural machinery from Niedersachsen companies

Germany's biggest larder

Fifty-four percent Niedersachsen's land area is used for agriculture by around 39,500 farms - so the food sector offers excellent prospects for both suppliers and investors. In 2013, 22% of the revenue from country's entire agriculture produce was generated in Niedersachsen. Looking back it's clear how fast productivity in this sector has improved; while each farmer could feed just ten people in 1950, today the figure is closer to 150. Progress in animal and plant breeding, along with the dramatic rise of workforce productivity, are the crucial factors in this development.

Enterprises and investors looking to profit from the upward trends in the agricultural and food sectors will find no better central European location to do business. We look forward to meeting you!

Niedersachsen: germany's number one food region

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The food sector in Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen has always had a strong farming tradition and stays true to its roots today; our food industry is well known and successful, with enterprises right along the value chain from farming and fishing through refining and processing to retail marketing and catering. In research, too, Niedersachsen is excellently provided for: numerous colleges and universities have specialist insitutes for agriculture and food technology - fertile soil for investors and enterprises!

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The Business Map shows examples of some of over 300,000 enterprises and locations in Niedersachsen, sorted by sector, available sites and properties. Niedersachsen's research community and networks are also marked on the map.

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The food industry in Niedersachsen

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You're interested in research?

A lively and diverse research community has taken root and flourished in Niedersachsen.

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