Solar power in Niedersachsen

In Niedersachsen solar power is also well represented by highly competent innovative companies, and completes the spectrum of renewable energy sources.


New companies looking to extend our solar power infrastructure and do business in photovoltaic or solar thermal as technology developer, manufacturer or service provider will find many doors open to them in Niedersachsen – a warm (sunny) welcome!

  • 19% of all German biomass plants
  • 3,200 MW offshore wind power capacity
  • 6,300 wind turbines
  • 3,600 MW from photovoltaic cells

Power from the sun

Photovoltaic into the grid: through to mid-2014, around 3,300 MW  of photovoltaic capacity had been installed in Niedersachsen. With an average annual 1,000 hours of full load capacity, our photovoltaic plants produce about 2.9 billion Kilowatt hours – that’s 5% of Niedersachsen’s total electricity needs.

One of the largest photovoltaic plants was built in 2011 at a former military airfield in Oldenburg. 196,000 thin-film modules made in Germany (‘Q-Cells’) covering an area of 57 hectares produce solar power for 6,000 households: around 20.8 MWp.

At the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) scientists’ work revolves around the sun. In three departments (photovoltaic, solar thermal and scientific services) they seek ways of maximising efficient use of solar power and new components.

Solar thermal

Particularly popular on people's roofs – across Germany, 17.5 million square metres of solar thermal collectors have already been mounted, to provide heating and hot water.

Niedersachsen is the place for companies involved in the planning, manufacture or installation of solar thermal plants.

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Niedersachsen offers diverse funding and subsidy programmes, especially for SMEs. NBank, the state investment and business promotion bank, will be pleased to advise you.

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