Offshore wind power from Cuxhaven

Ideal conditions for offshore wind power at the
German Offshore Industry Centre, Cuxhaven

German Offshore Industry Centre

The German Offshore Industry Centre at Cuxhaven offers ideal conditions for the development and construction of offshore wind turbines and as a base for the erection and operation of offshore wind farms with all the necessary services. Sites have direct access to a navigable channel, while two offshore terminals with jack-up facilities, heavy load bearing roads and a heavy lifting platform are ready to transfer offshore turbines and components to ships. The central location is excellently situated for erecting and maintaining offshore wind farms in the North Sea.

  • 21% of Germany's wind turbines onshore
  • 11,100 Megawatts of installed wind power capacity
  • 5,300 Megawatts offshore in the German Bight
  • 50,000 employees in renewable energy

Cuxhaven offers the perfect conditions for other suppliers,  product and service providers right along the value chain of the offshore wind power industry.

Siemens is investing around 200 million € in its first offshore wind power manufacturing facility in Germany, planning to build the next generation of wind turbine nacelles in Cuxhaven. From mid-2017 up to 1,000 new jobs will be created, with many more through the expected secondary employment effect with suppliers.

Visionary investment by the State government and EU support has created ideal infrastructures for the offshore wind power industry. Location and establishment of SMEs can attract further subsidies within the communal 'GRW' programme to improve the regional trade and industry infrastructure.

DOIZ Nov 2016
Construction of the Siemens wind power manufacturing facility (Photo: AfW Cuxhaven)

Location advantages:

  • Centrally located for excellent access to North Sea wind farms
  • Offshore base harbour directly on the navigable waters of the River Elbe
  • Offshore heavy lifting platform
  • Offshore Terminal I (with gantry crane)
  • Offshore-Terminal II
  • Cuxport multipurpose freight terminal
  • Quay for heavy loads with all loading options and fully navigable channel
  • Sufficient crane capacity (mobile and gantry crane)
  • Unimpeded heavy load access roads from production hall to quay
  • Industrial and commercial sites for the offshore sector, close to the harbour and with direct rail and motorway connections
  • Cuxhaven/Nordholz maritime airport close by (with offshore helicopter base).

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