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Biogas in Niedersachsen

Niedersachsen is a leading agricultural state – and makes the very best of its resources. One example is the systematic use of biogas-to-energy technology.

Naturally efficient – biomass

Biomass plants are already contributing 1,400 MW heating and electricity to the energy balance.

More than 2,800 plants produce energy in Niedersachsen.

Raw materials are energy crops, slurry and organic waste that are fermented to give off gas including methane. This ‘biogas’ drives local CHP plants to produce electricity and heat; the electricity is fed into the grid, attracting premium prices according to the German renewable energy statute. The heat can be used to warm buildings or as process heat. One further possible use is to convert biogas to natural gas that can also be fed into the grid or used as vehicle fuel.

  • 19% of all Germany's biomass plants
  • 11,100 MW from wind power on land
  • 5,300 MW capacity from offshore wind farms
  • 21% of Germany's wind turbines

Many companies in the biogas sector are based In Niedersachsen. They develop and optimise plant technology and construct build plants of various capacities. Many of these companies are active internationally.

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