Niedersachsen – Land mit Energie

Germany's number one energy state

  • 11,100
    Megawatts of installed wind power capacity in Niedersachsen
  • 4,800
    companies in the energy sector
  • 50,000
    employees in renewable energy companies
  • 21%
    of Germany's wind turbines turn in Niedersachen.

Energy for excellent business prospects

If your and your company’s aims are to lead in the energy sector and to benefit from current developments in Germany’s energy transition to renewables, then Niedersachsen is the ideal place to fulfill your ambitions. This is where you’ll find the infrastructure to offer you infinite possibilities: We’ve worked hard to expand renewable energy structures, provide a broad power station structure for all fuels, and have established a cutting-edge cross-disciplinary research community.

In short: You’re warmly invited to succeed in Germany’s number one energy state!

Germany's number one energy state

The energy sector in Niedersachsen

Many years’ experience, knowledge and competence have made Niedersachsen the number one energy state, delivering a crucial contribution to Germany’s energy transition to renewables. Already, electricity from renewable sources in Niedersachsen meets around 60% of demand.

Seek and find interesting business locations in Niedersachsen – the Business Map shows examples of companies by sector, available commercial/industrial sites and properties. Niedersachsen’s research facilities and networks are also charted here.

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The energy sector in Niedersachsen

The energy transition in Niedersachsen

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You're interested in funding and subsidies?

Niedersachsen offers diverse opportunities for funding and subsidies, especially for SMEs. NBank, the state investment and business promotion bank, will be happy to advise you.

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