Fast internet for Niedersachsen

A high-capacity broadband infrastructure is essential to push forward with digitalisation – Niedersachsen's investing in expansion.


Investments in broadband infrastructure

Niedersachsen is investing in a high-capacity secure broadband infrastructure. Whether connecting a company's software to the Cloud, an architect's home office, or the modern family's streaming and communications needs – the attractiveness of a location will crucially depend on availability of a fast internet connection. High capacity broadband networks for fast internet are a central economic growth factor.

  • 1 bn € investment
  • 98% LTE wireless network coverage
  • 79% of buildings with at least 30 MBit connection

Niedersachsen – a big State to cover

Especially in a State covering such a large area as Niedersachsen it’s important to ensure the future prospects of our towns and rural areas through digital access and broadband infrastructure; only then can internet-supported services and production processes be improved and the needs of companies and private individuals met. Digitalisation relies on comprehensive broadband high data volume networks.

In 2016 alone, Niedersachsen’s State Government activated more than 400 million € of investment in broadband expansion. By 2020 all households and companies should be connected to fast internet.

Niedersachsen broadband competence centre

The tasks of the broadband competence centre include ongoing monitoring of need and actual provision, presenting the findings in the Niedersachsen 'broadband atlas', assistance in connecting 'white spots' through economically viable solutions, and advice on subsidies and funding programmes.


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